Founded by former NBA player Willie Burton, ExcelU is a school and community-based behavioral change program that unifies academic success and health-wellness for students. The program is designed to equip adults with evidence-based tools and resources to help students maneuver the complexities of student life, aid in positive decision-making, and achieve their goals.

Complementary Resources and Learning Experiences

Speaking Engagements with Willie Burton
Mr. Burton is a former professional NBA athlete, an accomplished state, national, and international program turnaround specialist, and a keynote speaker.

Parent Workshops
A 2hr Workshop that provides parents with tools to properly support and nurture their child’s positive behavior, academic performance, and overall health

NCAA Scholarship Roadmap
A student resource that provides a comprehensive overview of the requirements to secure NCAA eligibility, when to get started, and who should be part of their support team.

Study Table
A resource for educators to help set up study rooms and get students and student-athletes back on the path to academic success and eligibility.


How long is each Core Curriculum module?
Each grade-specific program has eight (8) modules, with each module taking (on average) 45–55 minutes to deliver to students.

What is the Core Curriculum Facilitator Training?
To deliver this content with fidelity, we require the completion of the Facilitator Training. Upon successful completion of the training, you will be equipped with the knowledge and expertise to deliver each grade-specific curriculum – leveraging the provided Facilitator Manuals and PowerPoint slides (one set per grade-levels)

Can I complete only one level of the Core Curriculum (e.g., Elementary School)?
In light of the consistency in module themes across all grade levels, the Core Curriculum Facilitator Training covers all three grade levels. Upon certification as a Core Curriculum Facilitator, Student Playbooks can be purchased for the particular student base you are supporting (e.g., elementary students).

Can any of the Facilitator Training options be completed in-person or virtually?
Yes. In-person and virtual training options are available – as scheduling and resources permit. Please email for rates and availability.