Health, Strength, and Nutrition Curriculum Facilitator Manual


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ExcelU is unique in that it addresses a major component that is sorely missing in education – particularly of scholar-athletes: health, strength, and nutrition. Historically, these issues have been addressed minimally in isolation, if at all. The results have been unnecessary injury and poor overall wellness. Also, poor nutrition has long been recognized as a major hindrance to academic achievement. As a crucial part of a holistic approach to ensure the success of participants, ExcelU has raised the bar in what this means with its Health, Strength, and Nutrition Curriculum.

Developed in collaboration with nationally renowned specialists in the field, this unequaled component takes a year-long look at the exercises and nutrition needed for each sport that a student might encounter. In addition to addressing the sport in-season, Health, Strength and Nutrition looks at out of season as well – ensuring that each student is equipped with the tools necessary to maximize health and wellness. With this comprehensive digital resource, coaches are better able to meet the needs of the individual scholar-athlete they serve, parents are more informed to make healthy choices for their families, and students themselves are empowered to self-monitor and improve their physical and nutritional soundness.


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